How do you sell tickets to a ukulele show in small town NZ? You get the band to make jingles for local businesses.

The Ukes were on tour. But ticket sales in small towns were slow. We had to show these communities what the band are about—big entertainment on small guitars.

We launched on regional radio, asking listeners to volunteer their business for a jingle. There were heaps of entries, and the next day we hit the studio.

One day later, the jingles went to air. They were accompanied by a message from the Ukes asking listeners to repay their support by going to the show.

Ticket sales soared.

  • Caples — Gold (2013)
  • One Show — Merit (2013)
  • Effies — Silver (2013)
  • Axis — Gold, Silver, Bronze (2013)
  • The Work — In Book